AmicusHorizon is an award winning housing association providing homes and services to communities across London, Kent and Sussex.

We own and / or manage just under 28,000 homes, providing different housing choices to people with a range of needs.

Residents are integral to the success of our business and are at the heart of decision making throughout the organisation. By sponsoring this event we hope that our young people will realise their potential to grow and be inspired

Croydon Churches Housing Association (CCHA) are a registered social housing provider based in Croydon with around 1,500 properties in Croydon, Sutton and Bromley. We are committed to support our young residents and communities within South London. We are proud of our continued involvement with Momentum Youth Conferences. Events like Momentum help to equip our young people with the tools to make informed life decisions.

They increase awareness of issues that might affect our younger residents and their futures; giving them the resilience to mitigate circumstance that negatively affect their lives. The events also enriches young adults and supports their move towards more positive directions. By working in partnership we recognise that the impact and reach of Momentum 2015 is greatly increased.

Elevating Success are happy to be the Event Organisers for Momentum 2015. This will be our third year running this event and we aim to make Momentum 2015 Bigger, Better and fresher from all previous years

Fairfield Halls are delighted to be the hosting venue for Momentum 2015. With a vision from the Sponsors we are looking at a bigger and better event which will encourage even more young people to our venue, to learn valuable life skills, in a safe and fun environment. In turn this may encourage some of the young people attending Momentum to visit Fairfield Halls for other events we host.

L&Q is one of the UK’s leading housing associations with over 70,000 homes across London and the South East. L&Q are pleased to be one of a leading driving forces in organising Momentum 2015. We understand the impact of youth unemployment and always happy to support initiatives which support young people to move in a positive direction. Our work with young people is closely linked to our theme of increasing employment and the overall goal of creating places where people want to live.

We hope that young people who attend the event leave with a positive attitude about making a difference in their lives as well as in a neighbourhood they live as well as in their community.

Young people, 24% of the population, 100% of the future! Hyde is investing in young people and our work is guided by the principle of enabling them. We provide young people with the tools and support they need to develop their resilience, increase their aspirations and create their own futures.

The Hyde Group provide affordable homes for over 95,000 people and give financial advice and training to help people back into work.

Metropolitan are excited to be involved in the Momentum event 2015. As a Registered Social Landlord housing over 14,000 young people aged 8-25 across London and the Midlands we recognise the role we play to enable our young people to grow into independent adults.

It is important to us that we raise awareness on many matters that face our young population to give them the tools they need to overcome these barriers and improve their quality of life. We hope that young people who attend the event leave with the knowledge and confidence to identify an issue that they face or a friend are facing and know where to go to access support with dealing with it.

We hope that working with our neighbouring RSLs we are able to impact on the lives of not only our residents but the wider community.

Orbit South manages almost 15,500 properties across the South East of England and London, including affordable homes for rent, leasehold and home ownership properties, sheltered and supported housing.

By sponsoring this event we hope that young people will realise their potential to grow and be inspired. This will enhance their wellbeing and provide them with a positive attitude.

Riverside is one of the leading social housing and regeneration organisations in the UK, owning or managing around 50,000 homes, from Irvine to Ipswich, with around 2,600 staff and a turnover of £257million. Our record of achievement dates back to our inception as Liverpool Improved Houses in 1928.

We provide sheltered and supported housing for elderly, homeless and vulnerable people, in addition to general needs affordable properties for rent and shared ownership. We also invest in community projects, from youth engagement schemes aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour, to credit union grants tackling financial exclusion.

Riverside won the title of Social Landlord of the Year at the Housing Excellence Awards for two consecutive years. Our vision is transforming lives, revitalising neighbourhoods.

We are an organisation who not only provide quality housing but are committed to demonstrating our social values and purpose. We believe we make a real difference to the lives of our customers.

We deliver services to improve their financial capabilities, their health and wellbeing, employment opportunities and develop a true sense of community cohesion. By participating in Momentum 2015 we hope that we can inspire young people to have a positive future.

Momentum offers young people a chance to get together and talk about issues that are affecting them. At the end of the day we want them to be able to say they learnt something new and as a result of the conference they will do something different to make a positive impact in their lives.

Young people face many challenges, not least the transition from a child to an independent young adult – a transition where choices and decisions will have significant influence on their future prospects and quality of life.

Wandle are committed to engaging with our young people to build strong working relationships, helping them to develop the necessary skills and tools to make informed decisions during their transition.

We have partnered up on this fantastic event to work with our partners to showcase the achievements and talents of our young people, whilst raising their awareness of the services and

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