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Workshops | Momentum 2015


So you want to be in the Music Industry?

If your answer to that question is “Yes” then head to the Da Beat Freakz workshop here at Momentum.

This pair of Platinum-selling producers have promised to share the inside story of HOW they made it. WHO they linked with along the way and what YOU SHOULD KNOW about the music industry.

Get excited and moreover, get motivated to plan your journey after attending this can’t miss workshop!!!

Speak Your Mind Workshop

For too long the voices of young Londoners have gone unheard!

Come along to our Speak Your Mind workshop and do just that, speak your mind.

The workshop will be run by the London Mayor’s Peer Outreach Team: You’ll have the opportunity to debate the issues young people face living in London with a group of your peers and seek out resolutions.

Be it Education, Policing, Housing, or Health this workshop will have something that directly affects you.

Build Your Dreams Workshop

Whether you’re just dreaming it or you’re ready to build it, the Build Your Dreams workshop is the ultimate workshop for you.

Your dreams have power. They can inspire you. They can empower you. But will they reward you? In this workshop you will learn how to do the things needed to make your dreams come true.

Encouraged by each other and with the confidence instilled in them by Action Jackson, attendees will in turn describe their ambitions or create a vision.

The workshop will be run by motivational speaker and life coach, Action Jackson.

Healthy Relationships Workshop

Smart Phones and Smart Friends (Age 10 – 13)

• Do you sometimes have arguments with your friends?
• Do you sometimes feel pressured by your friends to behave in a certain way?
• Does your friendship group communicate online?
• Have you seen someone being bullied but not been sure how to help?

This workshop will look at:
 How to tell the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy friendship
 What strategies you can use to solve problems in your friendships
 How to use Smart phones and other online platforms in a healthy, positive way
 Where you can go for good advice and help

Exploring Healthy Relationships (age 14-19)

• Does your partner ever say things that make you feel bad about yourself?
• Does your partner get jealous of your friendships with other boys or girls?
• Do you worry about a friend whose partner is sometimes aggressive and unkind?
• Does your friend sometimes feel unsafe with their partner?

This workshop will look at:
 How to recognise the early warning signs of a relationship that’s becoming unhealthy
 How to effectively support your friends
 Where you can go for good advice and help
 How to communicate online in a positive way

Inner Champion

Inner Champion allows you as an individual to reflect on how you are showing up in life. Through a fast-paced interactive experience the concept of a Champion’s journey starting from within is going to be explored.

Eamonn Madden, drawing from his experience of working with Plastic Surgeons, Olympic Athletes and Mixed Martial Arts fighters will cover strategies for confidence, respect and a growth mindset.

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